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Discover why Samujana is the best villa experience in the world.

Samujana is great. It doesn’t blend in with the scenery, it stands out, but is in harmony with the topography. Each villa is bespoke but it looks like a village on the hillside.

Our kids see Samujana as a very special place from childhood and up. They go and stay there now with groups of friends. They describe Samujana as the best place in the world.

I love the open space in the villa, the open-air aspect of the design. It’s a place of tranquility, beauty and serenity.

As a family some of our best memories are of time spent at Samujana.

The views are WOW! The villas are beautiful architectural structures, and I love 'the bash of modernity'

When friends and family come over from Europe, we have dinner cooked by the Samujana chefs - it is sublime Thai food.

Samujana is a very relaxing place to return to, a haven of peace and tranquility.

Our villa is stunning, I love it for being on its own, with an infinity pool right next to the sea.

Samujana is the best place in the world to be.

An Architectural masterpiece

Our Samujana sales team is ready to guide you through every step on the path to ownership. Please email: property_sales@samujana.com or phone +66 (0) 61 201 1170. An overview of the sales process can be found by clicking onthe ‘Buyer’s Guide’ button below.

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