What is Samujana?

Samujana is a private luxury villa estate located on Koh Samui, Thailand consisting of 27 individual villas. All the villas are privately owned by independent third parties. All villa owners become shareholders of the holding company which has appointed Samujana Co Ltd as the estate manager. Samujana Co Ltd manages the rental of villas, the management of the estate and all aspects of marketing and promotion. It is overseen by an annually elected Villa Owners Committee (VOC), that represents all Villa Owners. Each villa is owned by an individual company (Villa Co). The land on which each villa is built is leased by the respective Villa Co (see below ‘What is a Lease hold Property’).

Are the villas available for purchase?

There are villas which become available for sale from time to time. Sales are executed through the purchase of shares in a Villa Co

Do the villas come fully furnished?

Yes. All the villas are offered for sale fully furnished. The selling price includes all the current furnishings and fittings unless specifically identified.

Am I able to customise my villa?

In order to maintain a consistent look and professional build, owners must seek approval from Samujana’s luxury property designer, Gary Fell, and the VOC to make any structural or exterior changes to the villa. Interior decoration and furnishing are at the owner’s discretion; however, they should meet the standards required to maintain the high-quality image of the Estate.

How do I reserve a villa?

A Reservation Fee of 5% of the value of a Villa Co is payable to the Vendor’s solicitor as a deposit in escrow upon signature of a Reservation Agreement.

What is a Leasehold property?

The Thai companies which own the Samujana Estate land have granted 30 year leases (30 years being the maximum period allowed under Thai law) of the freehold land on which a luxury villa is built to individual Villa Cos. The leases are renewable on the same terms for a small renewal fee. The leases stipulate the right to purchase the freehold land on which a luxury villa is built if and when allowed by Thai law. The Villa Co owns outright the buildings on the leased land.

What costs are associated with the purchase of a Samujana villa?

As the purchase is of the Villa Co, there is no additional cost associated with registration or stamp duty payable for the leasehold. The Purchaser of a Villa Co is responsible for their own legal costs relating to the purchase.

What are the payment options or terms?

The purchase price (less reservation fee of 5%) is due in full on signing the sale and purchase agreements as described above unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed directly with the Vendor.

Is financing available?

There are no general financing arrangements available though individual vendors may be willing to offer financing arrangements.

How are the Villas managed?

The villas are managed and operated by Samujana Co Ltd (“the “Manager”), a local Thai company that is partly owned by the VillaCos through their shareholding in Samujana Ltd.

What expenses will the Villa Co incur after purchase?

The Villa Co will pay the Manager the following;
1. The cost of the estate management (see, ‘what is included in the Estate management cost’).
2. Utilities (electricity, water, internet service, cable TV service and insurance).
3. Optional villa management cost (see, ‘what is included in Villa management cost’).
4. Related costs in the event the Villa Co is part of the rental programme. (see ‘villa rental programme and associated costs’).

Villa rental programme and associated costs

If the Villa is rented out it MUST be part of the Samujana rental programme and MUST use Samujana Co Ltd villa management. The Manager will agree with the owner of the Villa Co dates of owner occupancy to fix the availability for the villas for rental.

The manager will directly contract with Individuals, agents or companies to rent out the villas on behalf of the Villa Co.

The rental income net of a percentage covering reservation fees, third party agency fees and Samujana marketing fees is allocated to individual Villa Cos. From this income will also be deducted the Estate Management cost, the Villa management cost, utilities, and guest related costs.

The net figure (income less costs) is credited/debited to the individual VillaCo account. If at the end of the year the VillaCo account is in credit any amount in excess of approved minimum credit balances can be remitted to the owner of the VillaCo. Any cost including withholding tax is payable by the owner.

What is included in the Estate Management Cost?

As noted above the villas are managed and operated by the Manager. The Estate Management Costs cover the cost of managing the estate, which is not limited to but includes:

  • Estate Maintenance / Gardening for all common areas.
  • Provision and maintenance of a backup electricity generator to supply temporary power to the estate in the event of localised power outage.
  • Provision and maintenance of water supply and irrigation systems including storage tanks with supply and reticulation systems to Villas and the Estate’s common areas
  • Maintenance of a wireless based Internet service for all villas and common areas.
  • Materials and external services used in repair and maintenance to common areas.
  • Security Costs.
  • Pest control and pest management programs for all common areas.
  • A share (as determined by the VOC) of general overhead costs covering:
    1. Human Resources Department. Administration and Finance Department.
    2. Administrative costs including corporate, legal, audit, and accounting fees and other costs incurred in managing the estate.
    3. Finance costs including interest, bank charges, exchange losses and unrecoverable taxes.

What is included in the Villa Management Cost?

The cost relates to the cost of managing and operating the Villa and servicing guests (either through the rental program or arising from the owner’s private usage) and includes:

  • A share (as determined by the VOC) of the total staff costs and directly attributable costs of staff engaged in managing the Villa including: Villa Managers, Guest Experience staff, Villa Housekeeping, Villa Attendants and Housemen.
  • Villa Maintenance/ Gardening - The staff costs and directly attributable costs for staff engaged in maintaining a villa and gardens.

What staff are allocated to the Villa?

One or two dedicated villa attendants are allocated to each villa depending upon the villa size. They are responsible for cleaning the villa and providing general house maid services and coordinating with the maintenance, gardening and pool service teams to ensure the villa, grounds and pool are in prime condition.

A Villa Manager / Guest Experience Manager is assigned to a villa while there is an in-house guest to oversee the guest requests, provide support and advice on local activities, facilitate transportation, arrange outings and dining experiences and ensure that all aspects of the villa are operating at the expected high standard.

Is there a security function?

There is 24-hour security covering the Estate, including CCTV cameras throughout the Estate and uniformed security staff. All visitors must sign in at the main gate and receive a visitor’s pass.

How is pest control managed?

The entire estate, including each villa and all common areas and buildings are treated regularly to deal with insects and rodents.

Who else works in the Samujana team?

There is a dedicated gardening team at Samujana who constantly clean and maintain all garden areas, event spaces, roads, tennis court, beach area, garbage removal, drainage systems, etc. Each villa is allocated a garden team member.

Pool Service
There is a dedicated pool team who clean and test the PH levels of every villa pool 3x weekly.

The maintenance team provides routine scheduled preventative maintenance at the villas and throughout the estate.

The estate is run by an internationally experienced General Manager and his management team. Responsibilities include all accounting and reporting functions, HR, marketing, rentals, guest and owner relations, maintenance and development projects.

What is the Manager’s role in Villa Sales?

The Manager’s staff are available to introduce prospective buyers to the estate, provide guided tours of the villas and answer questions about estate and villa operation and management.

An Architectural masterpiece

Our Samujana sales team is ready to guide you through every step on the path to ownership. Please email: property_sales@samujana.com or phone +66 (0) 61 201 1170. An overview of the sales process can be found by clicking onthe ‘Buyer’s Guide’ button below.

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