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Samujana Villa Buyer’s Guide

Samujana sales staff will guide you through every step on the path to ownership. This guide highlights many of the main questions, which prospective buyers have.

Samujana villas are offered for sale via leasehold, where the buyer owns the building on the leased land. The leases are set at the maximum period allowed under Thai Law with provision to allow them to be renewed with a small administrative cost. All villas come fully-furnished, using the highest quality imported materials. The selling price includes all the current furnishings and fittings unless specifically identified.

Buying property in Thailand - Samujana luxury villas

Upon signature of a Reservation Agreement to purchase the company owning the luxury villa, a deposit of 5% of the value is payable to the vendor. The vendor will then send the relevant legal agreements, including the sale and purchase agreement, to the purchaser for review and execution. The purchaser has a limited period from receipt of the documents to execute the agreement. During this period, the vendor will not entertain other offers on the villa.

The purchaser is responsible for their legal costs relating to the purchase of a villa. Samujana is happy to recommend independent lawyers to the buyer if required. The new owner will become a shareholder of Samujana Ltd, a company that is responsible for appointing and directing the management of the Estate. The responsibilities of the local management company include the rental of villas, management of the estate and all aspects of marketing and promotion. Samujana Ltd is managed by owners representatives through its "Villa Owner Committee.”

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