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A World-Class, In-House Team for Property Management

Samujana is not owned or controlled by an international property or resort group, and this helps to give the estate its unique character. Samujana is controlled by the villa owners who have established a professional operating company to oversee the management of the estate. All villas are managed under the clear and comprehensive guidelines of the Villa Management Agreement, tailored to meet the individual owner’s specific requirements.

Samujana has established its own dedicated professional operating company to manage the estate and the individual villas. Owners oversee the activities of the management company through an elected owners committee, which is tasked to ensure the long-term benefit of the estate. Samujana is not owned or controlled by an international property or resort group and this has helped to create the Estate’s unique character. All villas are managed under the clear and comprehensive guidelines of Villa and Estate Management Agreements.

Property management - Samujana luxury villas
Rental property management - Samujana luxury villas
Property management Thailand - Samujana luxury villas

‘We are cultivating an iconic, luxury estate community, whose legacy is one of privacy, security and calm, where people can take the weight of the world off their shoulders and be cared for by world class staff. We want Samujana to still be considered one of the world class villa estates 50+ years from now.’


Property Management Includes

24 Hour Security

24-hour security operates throughout the Estate:
• 24/7 guard stationed at the Main Entrance.
• CCTV cameras in public areas (Owners can choose to have CCTV installed in their villa at their own cost).
.• Compulsory staff must sign-in via electronic fingerprinting system.
• All visitors must sign in at the main gate to receive a visitors’ pass.

Dedicated Villa Managers and Staff - One or two dedicated villa staff are allocated to each villa, depending upon the villa size. They are responsible for cleaning, providing general housekeeping services, and coordinating with maintenance, gardening and pool service staff to ensure the villa, grounds and pool are kept in prime condition. Villa Managers are trained to oversee owner requests, provide support and advice on local activities, facilitate transportation, arrange outings and dining experiences, and to ensure that all aspects of the villa are operating at the expected high standard.

Villa Maintenance and Upkeep - Led by the Director of Facilities our maintenance department of certified technicians performs routinely-scheduled preventative maintenance, as well as working with villa staff to expertly troubleshoot any issues, which may arise.

Gardening and Landscaping - Each villa is allocated a gardener from the Estate’s dedicated gardening department to manage the upkeep of the landscaping. This is done in rotation, as a part of the daily on-site maintenance of all garden areas, event spaces, roads etc.

Pool Maintenance

A dedicated pool team clean and test the PH of every villa pool 3x weekly.

Waste Disposal

Pest control

We take pest control seriously at Samujana and work with EcoPest to treat the entire estate, including each villa and all common areas and buildings on a monthly basis for insects and rodents. Ecopest also specialize in termite prevention and treatment and provide routine preventative termite treatment. We also use Ecopest to control mosquitoes, especially during the rainy season.

Optional Services:

• Private chefs
• Nannies
• Private security
• Drivers
• Personal assistants
• Personal trainers

An Architectural masterpiece

Our Samujana sales team is ready to guide you through every step on the path to ownership. Please email: property_sales@samujana.com or phone +66 (0) 61 201 1170. An overview of the sales process can be found by clicking onthe ‘Buyer’s Guide’ button below.

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